Community carries on

Our team has visited some of the businesses remaining open for either Takeout, Curbside Pickup, Delivery. 

Their experiences are documented below. 


The curbside pickup service at Mulberry Cafe was prompt and efficient. While you are waiting for your order you can shop for everyday necessities such as eggs, bread, beans, rice, produce and more. Mulberry Cafe is doing their part to help the community not only by offering curbside pickup, but also giving customers the opportunity to buy things that are out of stock at other places.

Tall City Brewing

The curbside delivery process at Tall City Brewing Co. was very pleasant and convenient.  They quickly greeted me at my vehicle to find out what I would like and offered a choice of a 32 oz or 64 oz growler.  They provide locally brewed beer with a great selection of styles and took my credit card payment at the car.  Tall City Brewing Co. will sanitize and fill your own growler, or you can purchase a new growler for a little more that features their logo on it.  Jeff Thomas, one of the founding partners, said that they have had great support from the community and have already sold around 400 growlers since they began offering curbside service.  He is looking forward to re-opening to the public once this is over.


Gerardo’s Casita currently offers their full menu for carry out.  I was able to pull up the full menu online and place my order easily with a call to Gerardo’s.  It was a very short wait time of five minutes for my order to be ready and it was waiting for me by the time I got to the restaurant to pick it up.  The staff was very friendly and helpful and the food was delicious!  Along with the food order, they are offering beer to-go, and even margaritas by the gallon.  The prices were very reasonable and with the great service, outstanding food and easy ordering, I will definitely be back.